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The truly excellent thing about nearly all of the recommendations made here for maintaining great-looking skin is that many of them also top the list of ways to prevent cancer. So, even if looking young isn’t at the top of your priorities, creating a healthy, balanced, and centered life can be an additional by-product of these tips. People often ask me about my skin, so here’s a personal, fun, “blog-style” post about some ideas you might consider if you’re interested in practical suggestions (from a non-medical person) for great-looking skin.

  • KatieLengyel

    Awesome list! I’ve been trying to find out something that is good to put on my skin that does not make me break out. I will have to try the shesheido. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Daychild

      I have also used the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser in the past for random breakouts. It really dries up your skin. My daughter puts a dollop of the Proactiv mask on a pimple at night and it’s mostly gone by morning. We also use Neosporin (known as “magic cream” in our home) to achieve the same result. Obviously prolonged use of Proactiv can really dry out your skin, but it works wonders for occasional blemishes.