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The words you use, how they are put together, combined with the open, expansiveness of your eyes, your tone of voice, and the warmth of your body language help determine the quality of your communication with your children. This is what they are going to remember. They are not going to remember whether the floor was clean, or what kind of car you chose to drive them around in. They are going to remember how your face looked throughout their childhood, how easy your smile came, and how you handled yourself at life’s most challenging moments. I wrote these lists because a couple who attended a Happy Kids class I presented said to me during the class, “But what are the actual words you say?” This had also come up frequently in coaching sessions with parents. It was then that I realized that many parents struggle with finding the right words, even if they are already adept at staying calm and centered. I spent the next year writing down everything I said that help creates our family culture. This mini-e-book is the result. – Cara Day, Head Kid