Your Last 250

By Cara Day


What if I told you

that you only had

250 days left with your child

250 days

to touch them any time that you want to touch them

or to look into their eyes, at will

to share subtle moments

250 days to ask them questions

and explore the answers

250 opportunities for regular family dinners

or to just to sit near them, in silence

250 days together

before their lives change significantly

in one way or another

whether they move out

or start work

or start college

or all three

You can think of it as 4 years,

but itʼs not, really

itʼs truly just 250 days.

If youʼre the parent of a 14-year-old

this is what you have

250 days

because there are

168 hours in a week

112 of those we are awake

(unless of course your teen likes to sleep a little more than you)

70 on average hours per week our teens are engaged in school, homework, sports and

social engagements

15 additional hours on average that you are away for your work or social engagements,

leaving just 27 hours per week for you and your high schooler to truly connect

And thatʼs assuming you make the connection

Itʼs 250 days,

assuming you donʼt work more than 40 hours a week

Itʼs just 2 of the 16 seasons that will pass during their high school years

How will you spend it?

Itʼs your opportunity

Itʼs your chance

Itʼs 250 days that you can choose to block for your child.

So, during the minutes that make up that total of 250 days,

put your cell phone in a drawer, off your person,

on silent

Put your laptop in a cabinet

Put the ipad, anywhere thatʼs away from you

Get your child and see, be, and do with them

Itʼs not that you wonʼt have more time with your child, you know, “in the future”

Itʼs just that it will never be the same

Are you in your last 250?

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